Sunday, November 19, 2017

Announcement :D

Monday, November 13, 2017

Sunway University community work with Reading Station.

A group of 14 students from Sunway University, had their community work with Reading Station recently.
Here is a short video of their preparations, activities and their sharing :D
Job well done!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Recently KIWANIS Club of Pantai Kuala Lumpur, visited Reading Station to have activities with the children here, along with Circle K Club students from Help College.

Started off with a couple of games whereby everyone seated in a large circle and tossing a ball and saying out loud the name of the receiver. It was hard to remember everyone’s name however it was fun and everyone enjoyed it. After which, children enjoyed another game, passing ping pong balls using plastic files. It was a great team effort and everyone did a great job in coordinating.

Next off, was the drawing and colouring competition! Jen from KIWANIS and other students from Circle K, distributed plain brown paper bags to each child for them to draw and color their drawings. Children were divided into 2 group based on ages; 6-9 and 10 above.

Soon after, the children enjoyed a plate of snacks with, muffins, bread buns, and juice boxes. After having their fill, it was time to announce the winners for each group. 3rd and 2nd place winners received yummy snacks, whereas for the 1st prize winners received a bath towel.

After all that, every child’s paper bag that they drew and coloured on, were filled with goodies such as watercolours, stationaries, and etc, which they can take back home.

KIWANIS Club of Pantai Kuala Lumpur also made a cheque contribution of RM1000.00 to Parents Without Partners for its year-end Back To School 2018, an event for the single parents and their children which will be held in December this year. Social Coordinator Jaya.B received the cheque on behalf for PWP.
Lastly, it ended with a group photo session with the children and volunteers. Everyone had a great time of fun and laughter!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Diwali Greetings,

From PWP Management and staffs.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Practice, practice, practice..
A total number of 16 children turned up in Reading Station, a few of them practice reading in front of a group, spend twenty minutes reading in small groups, and of course their favorite activity of all time; Games!
It is a continuous and conscious effort to keep encouraging the children to read in English. Nevertheless, there is progress and glad to see improvement! Kudos to all volunteers and children too who put in their time, effort and most importantly passion.

Thursday, September 28, 2017


Reading Station (RS) offers an opportunity for volunteers and children from different background, to encourage, bond, spending quality time and teaches values.
Lynette is one of our volunteer with RS for about a couple of months and has spent time with RS children, on most Sundays. Lynette shared her experience, with RS children.

“I was surprised that they don’t know simple word (in English), and very timid at first. A handful of them are more eager to improve and with encouragement there is improvement. I like seeing them improving”.  She also added that “arts and crafts is an activity that they enjoy”. She also shared “RS is an avenue for the children to practice and improve.”

Children from RS truly enjoy the opportunity given to them and they do their best as they can. When asked one of the children form RS, Arif age 12, about his experience with RS, he said “hashtag saya suka!” (hashtag I like!). Another child Siti Aminah age 10 said, “saya suka” (I like), and Nasrul (10) and Aaron (11) shared “rasa happy” (feel happy) :D.

Besides reading to them and cultivating the habit of reading, spending time with these children brings joy and creates a special bond. They feel important, motivated and happy. Every Sunday they always look forward for volunteers to meet them, share and have fun!

Come and join us! :D

Friday, September 1, 2017

Merdeka Ride!

Parents Without Partners /Jumble Station celebrated Merdeka organised by, MY Classic Cars. This year is MY Classic Cars 13th Merdeka Charity Drive and has invited children from NGO and children homes such as Lighthouse Homes, Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-kanak Taman Megah and others, to take part in this memorable event.

The organiser, classic car owners and guests, gathered at Spastic Children Association of Selangor and Federal Territory as early as 8 in the morning for registration and distribution of our national flags. While the children waiting obediently and excitedly to hop in the cars, the host carefully gave safety instruction and guidance on the route to all car owners, to make sure a safe journey and fun for all at the same time.

The journey for the car ride started from gathering point to padang SS15/2E and SS15/3E, Subang Jaya. Approximately 10am everyone arrived at this destination safely. Children seated for a light breakfast served with a plate of local pastries, bandung drink, choice of a box of nasi lemak or fried bee hoon.
They were also entertained with fun activities such as, balloon sculpturing, painting the clown faces, dancing and performance from Malaysia's Michael Jackson! Several children went up the stage to take part in dancing and many adults joined in the fun too. Even PWP’s Co-founder, Lim Lian See jived to the song called ‘Jail Break’ by Elvis with the children! Soon after, everyone adjourned to a group photo session.

After which, we set of in cars to Lake View Club, Subang for lunch. The organizer and host Mr. Michael Sundram and distinguished guests Datin Khatijah from Jabatan Kebajikan, and also YB Hannah Yeoh, gave their speech and honored everyone including the children.
Everyone enjoyed a delicious scrumptious lunch with, chicken curry, omelet, mixed vegetables, fried rice, buttered prawns and orange juice. For dessert there were local pastries and coconut ice cream! Yummy....!

Later there was a cheque presentation, presented to each NGO and chilrend's home by YB Hannah Yeoh. On behalf of PWP, Co-founder, Lim Lian See received donation by cheque, amount RM4200.00, for PWP cause. Later every child received a cash ang pow from YB Hannah Yeoh as a token of a blessing. The organizer distributed 2 goodie bags for each child containing snacks, stationery items and toiletry products.

When asked Zachariah (9) and Daniel (9), as this is their first time joining PWP’s event and riding in classic car about this event, they said excitedly, “saya mahu datang lagi untuk hari lain. Boleh kah?” “I want to come again on a another day, can?”. Astalectumi, daughter to a single mother, said with happiness in her eyes, “sangat suka dan gembira! Saya mahu datang lagi!” “I like it and happy! I want to come again!”. Co-Founder Lim Lian See also shared, “A meaningful Merdeka day to have all the children coming together and having fun!”

Indeed memorable Merdeka Ride and a wonderful blessings for all!